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Gary Poyner receives the BAA Steavenson Award

Roger Pickard (BAAVSS Director)

I'm sure all VSS Members will be aware of the prodigious number of visual observations made by my predecessor, Gary Poyner. His name has been at the head of leading British observers for many years. Indeed, in the last decade he has accumulated over 94,000 observations. Just how he does this, I'm hoping he will reveal in a later VSS Circular.

To recognize this amazing achievement, Karen Holland and I successfully nominated Gary for receipt of the BAA Steavenson Award (this award is presented to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to observational astronomy). This was presented to him at the Exhibition Meeting in London on June 24 as shown in the photograph taken by BAA member and observer Chris Jones.

Several other observers were there to see Gary receive his award. What, of course, makes Gary's achievement even more remarkable, is the fact that he makes his observations from the light-polluted skies of north Birmingham. This should serve as a spur to all of us who make light pollution an excuse as to why we can't observe!

Congratulations Gary, may you long continue to observe.

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