Following on from Mike Simonsen's detection of a rare bright outburst in the enigmatic CV V1363 Cyg on April 29.442UT at 14.9C, several BAAVSS observers have been undertaking time series observations at this rare bright phase. Results reveal high frequency 'flickering'.

This current brightness level is possibly the brightest V1363 Cyg has yet been recorded.

Above  May 3/4 2011  Nick James.  C11  unfiltered.

Nick comments.    "The plot shows a run of 4.3 hr starting with the field quite low and ending with twilight. These are 1 min exposures and the reference star errors have been normalised to zero. It certainly looks as if there is some high frequency flickering in the mag of V1363 Cyg.

Below.  May 4 2011  Roger Pickard. Meade 14 V filter.