Predictions for Algol type Eclipsing Binaries in February 2002

The following predictions are calculated for Central England but should be usable for observers throughout the British Isles.

The format of each prediction is starthour(mideclipse)endhour , with times being given to the nearest hour GMAT ( = UT - 12h ). A value greater than 12 indicates a time after midnight UT. A value greater than 24 indicates that mid eclipse occurs on a later night and << indicates that mid eclipse has occured on an earlier night. D and L are used to indicate where daylight and low altitude prevent part of the eclipse from being observed .

Thus on Feb 1, for example, RW Gem 07(12)16L indicates that RW Gem is predicted to be in mid eclipse at approx 12h GMAT (midnight UT), with the eclipse being observable between 07h and 16h GMAT (Feb 1 19h and Feb 2 04h UT), the end of the eclipse being unobservable due to Low altitude.


2002 Feb 1 Fri

2002 Feb 2 Sat

2002 Feb 3 Sun

YZ Cas D06(<<)07

RW Tau D06(02)07

TT Lyr D06(03)08L

V466 Cyg D06(04)06

AR Aur D06(05)09

TX UMa D06(06)10

AB Cas D06(06)09

IQ Per D06(07)09

HU Tau D06(09)13

EY Ori D06(13)13L

WW Aur 06(09)12

IM Aur 07(10)13

RW Gem 07(12)16L

X Tri 07(10)12

SV Cam 08(09)10

U Cep 08(13)18

V640 Ori 10(13)13L

TX Her L11(12)14

UV Leo 11(12)13

DM Per 12(17)19D

WY Cnc 12(13)15

CW Cep 13(18)19D

Z Her L15(15)19D

TV Cas 15(19)19D

RX Her 17(20)19D


EY Ori D06(<<)07

SW Cyg D06(02)08

TW And D06(02)07

Z Dra D06(04)06

Y Psc D06(04)08L

CM Lac D06(06)08

Lamb Tau D06(07)13L

X Tri 07(09)12

WY Cnc 08(09)10

RS CVn 08(15)18D

AB Cas 12(15)18

SV Cam 12(13)14

IM Aur 13(16)18D

UZ Lyr L14(11)15

AR Lac L14(18)18D

V453 Cyg L15(18)18D

V466 Cyg L15(14)16

UV Leo 16(17)18

WY Cnc D06(05)06

BR Cyg D06(06)09

EO Aur D06(07)17L

RZ Cas D06(08)10

AN Cam D06(19)18D

X Tri 06(09)11

HU Tau 07(11)14L

TW Cas 07(11)14

UV Leo L07(07)09

Z Dra 10(12)14

Z Per 10(15)15L

CD Tau 10(13)15L

TV Cas 11(15)18D

RT Leo 11(22)18D

TX Her L11(13)16

V640 Ori 11(13)13L

ST Per 12(16)15L

BH Dra 15(19)18D

RX Her L15(15)18

TW Dra 16(21)18D

SV Cam 16(18)18D

CM Lac 18(20)18D

2002 Feb 4 Mon

2002 Feb 5 Tue

2002 Feb 6 Wed

AN Cam D06(<<)12

U Cep D06(01)06

SZ Psc D06(06)07L

TX UMa D06(07)12

AI Dra D06(08)10

X Tri D06(08)10

UZ Lyr D06(09)07L

RW Gem D06(09)14

DM Per D06(10)15

RT Leo L06(<<)10

SV Cam 07(08)09

CW Cep 07(11)15

IZ Per 10(15)18D

RZ Cas 10(12)15

UV Leo 11(12)13

BR Cyg L11(14)17

SS Boo 11(20)18D

CQ Aur 12(30)17L

AR Lac L14(18)18D

Z Vul L15(14)18D

IQ Per 16(18)18D

TW Cas 17(21)18D

Z Dra 18(21)18D

IM Aur D06(03)06

CQ Aur D06(06)17L

X Tri D06(07)10

AB Cas D06(08)11

AR Aur D06(09)12

V530 Ori D06(10)13L

YZ Cas D06(10)18

TV Cas 06(10)14

V466 Cyg 06(08)07L

HU Tau 08(12)14L

CM Lac 09(11)11L

AI Dra 10(12)15

BH Dra 11(14)18

SV Cam 11(12)14

V640 Ori 11(14)13L

TX Her 12(15)17

Z Her L15(15)18D

RZ Cas 15(17)18D

U Oph L15(16)18D

WY Cnc 15(17)18

V451 Oph L15(14)17

UV Leo 16(17)18

TW And D06(05)10

Z Dra D06(05)08

Lamb Tau D06(06)13L

UZ Lyr D06(06)07L

X Tri D06(07)09

TW Cas D06(07)11

ST Per D06(07)12

TT Lyr D06(09)08L

ZZ Cnc D06(44)17L

IM Aur 06(09)12

UV Leo L07(07)09

WW Aur 07(10)13

U Cep 08(13)18

SW Cyg 10(16)10L

IQ Per 10(12)15

U CrB L10(13)18D

RW Tau 11(15)14L

TW Dra 11(16)18D

WY Cnc 11(13)14

Z Per 11(16)15L

SW Cyg L12(16)18D

RZ Cnc 13(51)18D

TT Lyr L13(09)18

AR Lac L14(18)18D

V453 Cyg L14(15)18D

AB Cas 14(17)18D

AI Dra 15(17)18D

U Sge L15(12)18

SV Cam 16(17)18

V466 Cyg 16(18)18D

V346 Aql L17(16)18D

2002 Feb 7 Thu

2002 Feb 8 Fri

2002 Feb 9 Sat

DM Per D06(04)09

CW Cep D06(05)09

EE Peg D06(05)06L

TV Cas D06(06)10

RW Gem D06(06)11

X Tri D06(06)08

BR Cyg D06(06)09

FO Ori D06(06)11

SV Cam D06(07)08

EO Aur D06(08)17L

TX UMa D06(09)13

ZZ Cnc D06(20)16L

RZ Cnc D06(27)18D

BH Dra 07(10)14

WY Cnc 07(08)10

RS CVn L07(10)16

HU Tau 09(13)14L

UV Leo 11(12)13

Z Dra 11(14)16

V640 Ori 12(14)13L

IM Aur 12(15)18

Beta Per 13(18)15L

TX Her 13(16)18D

TW Cas 14(17)18D

V451 Oph 15(19)18D

BI Del L17(12)18

V346 Aql L17(19)18D

ZZ Cnc D06(<<)16L

RZ Cnc D06(03)18D

UZ Lyr D06(03)07L

X Tri D06(05)08

SZ Psc D06(06)07L

IQ Per D06(06)09

IZ Per D06(08)13

WW And D06(23)13L

CD And D06(53)14L

SV Cam 10(12)13

BR Cyg 11(14)17

AR Lac L14(17)18D

CM Lac L14(16)18

WW And L16(23)18D

UV Leo 16(17)18

V822 Aql L17(18)18D

CD And L18(53)18D

IM Aur 18(21)18D

ZZ Cnc D06(<<)15

RZ Cnc D06(<<)16

WW And D06(<<)13L

EI Cep D06(03)09

TW Cas D06(04)07

X Tri D06(05)07

BH Dra D06(06)09

RZ Cas D06(07)10

RW Tau D06(10)14L

CD And D06(29)14L

AM Aur D06(33)15L

TW Dra 06(11)16

UV Leo L07(07)09

AB Cas 08(11)14

AR Aur 08(12)15

AD Boo L10(08)11

HU Tau 11(15)14L

V640 Ori 12(15)12L

Z Per 13(17)15L

YZ Cas 13(21)18D

Z Her L14(15)18D

V466 Cyg L14(13)15

Z Vul L15(12)17

SV Cam 15(16)17

TX Her 15(17)18D

U Sge 15(21)18D

WW And L16(<<)18D

DM Per 16(21)18D

2002 Feb 10 Sun

2002 Feb 11 Mon

2002 Feb 12 Tue

RW Gem D06(03)08

X Tri D06(04)06

Lamb Tau D06(05)12

CD And D06(05)14L

CM Lac D06(06)08

SV Cam D06(06)07

Z Dra D06(07)09

AI Dra D06(07)10

TW And D06(08)11L

AM Aur D06(09)15L

TX UMa D06(10)15

V453 Cyg D06(12)07L

CD Tau 07(10)13

DN Ori 08(20)14L

RZ Cas 09(12)14

Beta Per 10(15)15L

TW Cas 10(14)18

UV Leo 11(12)13

AR Lac L14(17)18D

V453 Cyg L14(12)18D

WY Cnc 15(16)17

U Oph L15(17)18D

RX Her L15(17)18D

TV Cas 17(21)18D

AB Cas 17(20)18D

CD And L18(05)18D

CD And D06(<<)14L

AM Aur D06(<<)13

DN Ori D06(<<)09

SW Cyg D06(05)10L

BR Cyg D06(06)09

RT Leo D06(09)18D

EO Aur D06(10)16L

TT Lyr D06(15)07L

IM Aur 06(09)12

U Cep 08(13)17

V530 Ori 08(13)13L

WW Aur 09(12)15

SV Cam 09(11)12

AD Boo L10(10)12

AI Dra 10(12)14

ST Per 10(15)14L

WY Cnc 11(12)13

HU Tau 12(16)14L

TT Lyr L12(15)18D

Z Dra 13(16)18

RZ Cas 14(17)18D

IQ Per 15(18)18D

UV Leo 16(17)18

TX Her 16(19)18D

CD And L18(<<)18D

Z Vul 18(23)18D

CD And D06(<<)07

RW Tau D06(04)09

AB Cas D06(05)07

SZ Psc D06(05)07L

TW Dra D06(07)12

V466 Cyg D06(07)06L

WY Cnc 07(08)09

UV Leo L07(07)09

RS CVn L07(05)11

SS Boo L09(11)18D

DM Per 09(15)18D

BR Cyg 11(14)17

CW Cep 11(16)18D

TV Cas 12(16)18D

IM Aur 12(15)18

AR Lac L14(16)18D

Z Per 14(19)15L

SV Cam 14(15)16

AI Dra 15(17)18D

RX Her L15(12)15

BH Dra 17(21)18D

2002 Feb 13 Wed

2002 Feb 14 Thu

2002 Feb 15 Fri

SV Cam D06(05)07

Y Psc 06(11)07L

Beta Per 07(12)15L

TW Cas 07(11)14

TX UMa 07(12)16

CM Lac 09(11)11L

IQ Per 09(12)14

U CrB L10(11)17

AD Boo L10(11)14

AB Cas 10(13)16

UV Leo 11(12)13

AR Aur 12(15)16L

HU Tau 13(17)14L

Z Her L14(15)18D

V466 Cyg 15(17)18D

UZ Lyr 16(20)18D

TX Her 18(20)18D

Lamb Tau D06(04)11

ST Per D06(06)10

YZ Cas D06(09)17

V453 Cyg D06(10)07L

Z Dra 06(09)11

TW And 06(11)10L

TV Cas 08(12)16

SV Cam 09(10)11

BH Dra 13(16)18D

AR Lac L14(16)18D

V453 Cyg L14(10)17

Z Vul L14(10)15

UV Leo 16(17)18D

BI Del L17(18)18D

TW Cas 17(21)18D

S Equ 18(23)18D

TW Dra D06(02)07

IQ Per D06(06)08

BR Cyg D06(06)09

RZ Cas D06(07)09

DM Per D06(08)13

CW Cep D06(09)13

EO Aur D06(11)16L

CQ Aur D06(21)16L

UV Leo L07(07)09

AD Boo 11(13)15

IZ Per 12(17)18D

SW Cyg 13(19)18D

SV Cam 13(14)16

UZ Lyr 14(17)18D

WY Cnc 14(16)17

U Oph L14(17)18D

Z Dra 15(17)18D

2002 Feb 16 Sat

2002 Feb 17 Sun

2002 Feb 18 Mon

CQ Aur D06(<<)15

AB Cas D06(07)10

TV Cas D06(07)11

TW Cas D06(07)11

AI Dra D06(07)10

Beta Per D06(08)13

IM Aur D06(09)12

U Cep 07(12)17

TX UMa 09(13)18

BH Dra 09(12)16

RZ Cas 09(11)14

WW Aur 10(13)16

WY Cnc 10(11)13

BR Cyg 11(14)17

UV Leo 11(12)13

TT Lyr L12(21)18D

AR Lac L13(16)18D

CM Lac 14(16)18D

V451 Oph L15(13)17

U Sge L15(15)18D

Z Vul 16(21)18D

U CrB 16(22)18D

V346 Aql L16(15)17

SV Cam 18(19)18D


Y Psc D06(05)07L

CD Tau D06(07)10

WY Cnc D06(07)09

SV Cam 08(09)10

EI Cep 08(14)18D

ZZ Boo L09(05)09

AI Dra 10(12)14

V530 Ori 11(15)13L

IM Aur 12(15)18

AD Boo 12(15)17

RW Tau 12(17)14L

UZ Lyr L13(14)18

AB Cas 13(16)18D

RZ Cas 14(16)18D

Z Her L14(15)18D

TW Cas 14(17)18D

AR Aur 15(18)15L

UV Leo 16(17)18D

V346 Aql L16(17)18D

TW Dra 16(22)18D

RX Her 17(20)18D

EE Peg L18(17)18D

DM Per D06(02)07

Lamb Tau D06(02)10

CW Cep D06(03)07

TV Cas D06(03)07

CM Lac D06(07)09

V453 Cyg D06(07)07L

BH Dra D06(08)11

EY Ori D06(08)12L

UV Leo L06(07)09

Z Dra 08(10)13

RT Leo 08(20)18D

TW And 09(14)10L

RW Gem 12(17)15L

YZ Cas 12(20)18D

SV Cam 12(13)15

AR Lac L13(15)18D

V453 Cyg L14(07)14

AI Dra 15(17)18D

IQ Per 15(17)18D

V451 Oph 15(18)18D

V346 Aql 18(20)18D

IM Aur 18(21)18D

TW And L18(14)18D

2002 Feb 19 Tue

2002 Feb 20 Wed

2002 Feb 21 Thu

RT Leo D06(<<)07

TW Cas D06(04)07

Beta Per D06(05)10

BR Cyg D06(06)09

IZ Per D06(09)15

EO Aur D06(13)16L

ST Per 09(13)14L

TX UMa 10(15)18D

UV Leo 11(12)13

UZ Lyr L12(12)15

AD Boo 14(16)18D

RX Her L14(15)18

SS Boo 16(26)18D

Z Dra 17(19)18D

SV Cam 17(18)18D

WY Cnc 18(19)18D

BH Dra D06(03)07

SW Cyg D06(09)09L

AB Cas 06(09)12

RW Tau 07(11)13L

SV Cam 07(08)09

SS Boo L08(02)11

IQ Per 09(11)14

U CrB L09(09)15

TW Cas 10(14)18

AR Lac 11(15)11L

BR Cyg 11(14)17

SW Cyg L11(09)15

TW Dra 12(17)18D

AR Lac L13(15)18D

WY Cnc 14(15)16

V466 Cyg 14(16)18

DM Per 14(19)18D

U Oph 15(18)18D

UV Leo 16(17)18D

CW Cep 16(20)18D


RZ Cas D06(06)08

UV Leo D06(07)09

IM Aur D06(09)12

U Cep 07(12)17

RW Gem 08(14)15L

WY Cnc 09(11)12

CM Lac 10(12)10L

WW Aur 11(14)16L

SV Cam 11(13)14

UZ Lyr L12(09)13

RS CVn 13(19)18D

CM Lac L13(12)14

Z Her L13(14)18D

TV Cas 14(18)18D

Z Vul L14(19)18D

AB Cas 15(18)18D

AD Boo 16(18)18D

S Equ L17(20)18D


2002 Feb 22 Fri

2002 Feb 23 Sat

2002 Feb 24 Sun

Lamb Tau D06(01)08

Beta Per D06(02)07

TT Lyr D06(02)07L

ST Per D06(05)09

IQ Per D06(05)07

WY Cnc D06(07)08

AI Dra D06(07)09

RZ Cas 08(11)13

ZZ Boo L08(05)09

Z Dra 10(12)15

V643 Ori 10(71)12L

AR Lac 10(14)11L

UV Leo 11(12)13

IM Aur 12(15)18

TX UMa 12(16)18D

AR Lac L13(14)18D

SV Cam 16(17)18D

TW And L18(17)18D

IZ Per D06(02)07

BR Cyg D06(06)09

RW Tau D06(06)11

YZ Cas D06(07)15

SV Cam D06(07)09

EO Aur D06(15)16L

AM Aur D06(24)15L

V643 Ori D06(47)12L

DN Ori 07(19)13L

TW Cas 07(11)14

TW Dra 07(12)17

DM Per 07(12)18

TV Cas 09(13)17

CW Cep 09(14)18D

AI Dra 10(12)14

RZ Cas 13(15)18

U CrB 14(20)18D

U Sge L14(10)15

BH Dra 15(19)18D

UV Leo 16(17)18D

AD Boo 17(20)18D

IM Aur 17(20)18D


DN Ori D06(<<)08

AM Aur D06(00)14L

CD Tau D06(04)07

UV Leo D06(07)09

RW Gem D06(10)15L

AN Cam D06(19)18D

V643 Ori D06(23)12L

AB Cas 09(12)15

AR Lac 10(14)10L

SV Cam 11(12)13

BR Cyg 11(14)17

AR Lac L13(14)18D

AI Dra 15(17)18D

CM Lac 15(17)18D

V822 Aql L16(15)18D

SW Cyg 17(23)18D

WY Cnc 17(18)18D

TW Cas 17(21)18D

RZ Cas 18(20)18D

2002 Feb 25 Mon

2002 Feb 26 Tue

2002 Feb 27 Wed

AN Cam D06(<<)12

V643 Ori D06(<<)12L

Z Dra D06(05)08

TV Cas D06(09)13

BH Dra 11(14)18

UV Leo 11(12)13

WY Cnc 13(14)16

TX UMa 13(18)18D

Z Her L13(14)18D

IQ Per 14(17)18D

SV Cam 15(16)17

U Oph 15(19)18D

EE Peg L17(14)18

AB Cas 18(21)18D

V643 Ori D06(<<)12L

EI Cep D06(00)07

DM Per D06(06)11

RT Leo D06(06)18D

SV Cam D06(07)08

TW Cas D06(07)11

CW Cep D06(07)11

CM Lac D06(07)09

TW Dra D06(08)13

IM Aur D06(08)11

CQ Aur D06(12)15L

U Cep 07(12)16

RS CVn 08(14)18D

WY Cnc 09(10)12

AR Lac 09(13)10L

Z Dra 12(14)16

WW Aur 12(15)16L

AR Lac L13(13)18

IZ Per 13(18)18D

Z Vul L14(17)18D

U Sge L14(19)18D

RX Her 15(18)18D

V346 Aql L16(14)16

UV Leo 16(17)18D

TW And L17(20)18D


V643 Ori D06(<<)12

TV Cas D06(04)08

AB Cas D06(05)08

RZ Cas D06(05)08

BR Cyg D06(06)09L

WY Cnc D06(06)08

RW Gem D06(07)12

UV Leo D06(07)09

BH Dra D06(10)13

EO Aur D06(16)15L

SS Boo L08(16)18D

ST Per 08(12)13L

IQ Per 08(10)13

ZZ Boo L08(05)08

U CrB L09(06)12

SV Cam 10(11)12

YZ Cas 10(18)18D

CD Tau 11(14)13L

IM Aur 11(14)17

TT Lyr L11(08)17

V466 Cyg L13(15)17

U Oph L14(11)15

TW Cas 14(17)18D

V451 Oph L14(13)16

V346 Aql L16(16)18D

2002 Feb 28 Thu


HU Tau D06(03)07

AI Dra D06(07)09

KU Cyg D06(41)18D

RZ Cnc D06(42)18D

RZ Cas 08(10)13

AR Lac 09(13)10L

BR Cyg 11(14)17

UV Leo 11(12)13

AB Cas 11(14)17

AR Lac L13(13)17

RX Her L14(12)15

SV Cam 14(15)17

TX UMa 15(19)18D

V346 Aql 17(19)18D

S Equ L17(17)18D

IM Aur 17(20)18D