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DY Per - observations needed

G Poyner

DY Per has been under observation by TA/BAAVSS observers since 1992, when Dr. A. Alksnis first requested observations in order to monitor its irregular light cycle.

According to Dr. Alksnis, DY Per displays a long period cyclic variation of 792 days with an amplitude of 1.3mV, and secondly deep fades with amplitudes in excess of 4 magnitudes, similar to the RCB stars. Recently it has been suggested that DY Per may be the coolest RCB star known.

Professional astronomers are keen to monitor the stars next fade, and Dr. Alksnis has suggested that DY Per could begin to fade during late summer of 1997 if the pattern of the past few cycles are repeated. Observations are therefore important during this time, despite being poorly placed low in the North during the summer period.

Contributing observers to the plot are;- J. Day, M. Gill, J. Greaves, L.T. Jensen, J. Pietz, G. Poyner, T. Vanmunster, W. Worraker, M. Westlund.

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