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DX And (UG, 10.9-16.4p)

G Poyner

DX And has been monitored as part of the BAAVSS/The Astronomer Recurrent Objects Programme since 1989. However adequate coverage by observers began only as recently as 1993. From that date five outbursts have been detected, including the most recent which was picked up in early December 1996. The visual light curve represented here clearly shows the possibility of an outburst being missed during April-May 1994, during which time the field of DX And is poorly located. A quick glance at the plot reveals a rough recurrence interval of 262 days, with the most recent outburst being 'late' by about one month. The 1993 outburst was brighter by about 0.5 magnitudes than others recorded during this period, although the time spent in outburst was similar to the most recent; 21d & 20d respectively.

The light curve shown here includes 577 observations covering the 
period 1993-1997.  Observers are...E. Broens, J. Day, A. Diepvens, B. 
Granslo, J. Greaves, J. Griese, L.T. Jensen, J. Pietz, G. Poyner, P. 
Schmeer, T. Vanmunster, M. Westlund & W. Worraker.

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