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Welcome to the BAA Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Section Web Site.

Section Director Mike Foulkes

Page Web Manager John Sussenbach

On this site, you will find information relating to the observation of the ringed planet Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and other associated information.

The observation of the planets Uranus and Neptune  was incorporated into the Section in December 2005.

General Information

The gas giant planet Saturn with its amazing ring system and its many satellites is not only an ever challenging object of investigation for professional astonomers. It is also a fascinating object for amateurs. The planet has been observed visually by BAA members for over 100 years. Amateurs have been able to collect valuable scientific information by drawing and imaging - particularly with the development of the current generation of cameras. The studies of the giant white storm in the North Equatorial Belt of Saturn during 2010/2011 are a good example of fruitful pro-am collaboration.

The giant planets Uranus and Neptune are relatively easy objects to find but the detection of features on both of these planets is difficult due to their small apparent sizes. Both of these planets are receiving increasing attention by amateur astronomers. Atmospheric detail has been detected by spacecraft observations and large telescopes on both planets. Faint markings have sometimes been reported by visual observations. With the development of very sensitive chips and the use of new types of filters it is expected that atmospheric detail may possibly be imaged. Some of the satellites of these planets may also be observed.

The BAA Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Section Team role is to stimulate and assist visual observers and imagers of the planet, analyse observations and provide reports of these observations. Different tools for observation are provided in the Section Observing tools. Further the image galleries illustrate what amateurs can do and demonstrate beautifully the dynamics of these Planets and their satellites.


                                                                                                                                                                                                          Observing Tools

The Section observing programmes for each planet can also be accessed via the link below.

For further information about observing these planets and the Section, please contact the director on:   or any other members of the Section Team.


Images of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

                                                                                                                                    David Tyler, 20 May 2011.


                                                                                                                   David Gray,  1 November 2011.                                                                                                  John Sussenbach,  18 September 2009.


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