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RAG Downloads

The site downloads page is here



A range of Radio Astronomy Books are now available from the UKRAA
Amateur Radio Astronomy by John Fielding, available from the Radio Society of Great Britain
Radio Astronomy Projects by William Lonc, available from Radio-Sky Publishing

Basics of Radio Astronomy
An excellent introduction to the concepts that lie at the heart of radio astronomy. Start here before you go anywhere else!

Radio Astronomy Tutorials - pdfs
More advanced tutorials from MIT Haystack observatory.

NJIT Course notes by Prof. Dale E. Gary
Another more advanced series of lectures covering all aspects of radio astronomy

Essential Radio Astronomy NRAO
Perhaps essential, but also one for the maths afficionados

Observing Resources

Low Frequencies

RADIO WAVES below 22 kHz

Comprehensive collection of articles and links dealing with VLF phenomena, including Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SIDs)

VLF transmitter locations
Names, frequencies and map locations of VLF transmitters across the world.

Microwave Frequencies
UK Microwave Group
Essential site for those designing and building receiving systems at these frequencies.

Monitoring sites

Current views of the sun’s disk at different wavelengths
Space Weather Now
Solar, geomagnetic and auroral activity
Today's Space Weather
Solar X-ray flux measurements – the quickest way to determine flare activity

General Links

Royal Astronomical Society
The European Radio Astronomy Club
The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
The Society for Popular Astronomy
International Meteor Organisation

Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics
The Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
Square Kilometre Array
National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Amateur Radio Observatories
David Morgan

UKRAA Products
G4BAO wideband amplifier & bias tee
G4DDK low noise amplifier kits
Radio Astronomy Supplies
RadioSkyPipe and other software and books

Golden Apple Valley Radio Telescope
General information on NASAs Deep Space Network (DSN) which maintains communication with space missions.
EME, SETI, Radio Astronomy and DSP for Radio Amateurs
Ecletic mix of links and articles

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