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These pages will detail projects that are currently being developed and operated by members.If you would like to contribute, please provide a paragraph or two synopsis outlining your project and send it to the Site Webmaster. I may ask for more information if you would like it published.

  • Projects may be WIP or even proposals. Most Radio Astronomy Projects remain Work in Progress because of their very nature - an ongoing cycle of (re)design > develop > use > improve
  • The status of a project will be included in the download link.
  • Projects may appear in more than one category for example an antenna for Radio Jove would appear in Radio Jone and Antennas.
  • Projects may be commercial or totally home grown.
  • You can also use these pages for requests for assistance, simply send me (detailed) information of your project and I'll arrange for them to be converted to PDF and published.

Others will be interested in what you are doing - please contribute.

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