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One of the areas that RAG would like to promote is making examples of members' observations available to the wider community. This informs others that work is being done in various areas (and equally important, not being done!) and what sort of results to expect. We recognise that observers may want to keep back detailed studies for inclusion in a personal paper, and it would be great to see material on Radio Astronomy in the BAA Journal. However providing examples of what you are doing offers the opportunity for feedback which could help your work.

BAA RAG has two long term monitoring projects. The first is on Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances, as detected using VLF radio transmissions. John Cook is coordinating this work and more details can be found in the section on Interpreting SIDs. The second study is still being set up and relates to correlating results from magnetometers and vlf receivers to measure the velocity of Coronal Mass Ejections. More details can be found in the section opposite.

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