Submitting images to the BAA and other organisations


Updated 2017 January 16




Images, typically in jpg format, can be submitted to various organisations. Astrometric and photometric data should be sent to the organisations mentioned in CCD Astrometry and Photometry. In all cases replace Ďatí with @ in the addresses below.


British Astronomical Association and The Astronomer


The joint BAA/TA comet image archive can be viewed at Please send you images to Denis Buczynski at buczynski Ďatí with a copy to Nick James at ndj Ďatí


Below is an example image including; comet ID, date, time, image size, exposure time, telescope, CCD camera, filter, observerís name, MPC observer code. Direction of north and east should be shown on the image. The file name format is, cometID_date_time_observer ID.file type e.g. 2010s1_20130716_1032_dymock.jpg. To make text easier to read copy image to slightly larger new blank image, insert text under image and crop to size. If you have an ICQ code use that as the observer ID but, please, always use the same ID.


If you wish to add additional data to that which is not contained on the image please send as a text file with the same file name as the image. For example any text relating to the image below would be sent as 2010s1_20130716_1032_dymock.jpg.txt




If the comet is faint indicate its position as shown in the example below.



Examples of image data


Comet 30P/Reinmuth, 2010 Feb 1, 0507UT, 20x20 arc mins, 60s exp, SSON OMI 0.61m f/10 Cassegrain, FLI Proline PLO9000 CCD, unfiltered, R Dymock, MPC G68


Comet C/2011 L4 (PanSTARRS), 2014 Apr 10, 1218UT, 20x20 arc mins, 120s exp, SSON OMI 0.61m f/10 Cassegrain, FLI Proline PLO9000 CCD, unfiltered, R Dymock, MPC G68


Comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon), 2013 Aug 31, 2036UT, 48x32 arc mins, 60 sec exp, ISO 1600, Orion 0.25m f/6.4 Newtonian reflector, Canon EOS 550D DSLR, R Dymock, MPC 940


Comet C/2013 V5 (Oukaimeden), 2014 Aug 30, 1834UT, 28x18 arc mins, 10s exp, WarrumbunglePlanewave 0.51m f/6.8 CDK, SBIG STL6303E CCD, unfiltered, R Dymock, MPC Q65


And finally for those who, like me, have a little difficulty in remembering how to spell the name;


Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann, 2014 Apr 28, 0435UT, 20x20 arc mins, 90s exp, SSON OMI 0.61m f/10 Cassegrain, FLI Proline PLO9000 CCD, unfiltered, R. Dymock, MPC G68


BAA Robotic Telescope Project


BAA members whose imaging is subsidised by the BAAís Robotic Telescope Project should also submit their images to the coordinator, Peter Meadows, peter Ďatí File name and image data as above.


Spanish Cometas Group


Observers working with this organisation can submit images to the Yahoo Group at cometas_obs Ďatí Images can also be loaded to the File section of that group.






Email address


BAA Comet Section

BAA/TA comet image archive

cometobs Ďatí

Images will be sent to Denis Buczynski, Nick James and Jon Shanklin


Guy Hurst

guy Ďatí

If you wish images to be published in the TA Magazine otherwise sending them to the BAA/TA comet image archive will suffice

Spanish Cometas Group

cometas_obs Ďatí


the File section in that group


BAA Robotic Telescope coordinator

Peter Meadows

peter Ďatí

If participating in an approvedBAA Robotic Telescope Project