Welcome.The BAA Mars Section is the oldest body in the world for the collection and publication of observations of the Red Planet. It was founded in 1892 by E. Walter Maunder, the ‘father’ of the Association. Past Directors of the Section have included E.M. Antoniadi, W.H. Steavenson, B.M. Peek and R.L. Waterfield. The present Director has been responsible for the collection and analysis of all observational work since the apparition of 1979–80. On this site you will find the BAA’s observational programme for Mars, and information about past and present oppositions of the planet. The site also contains several maps of Mars, orthographic graticules for positional measurements, an observation report form, and a detailed list of Section publications. Visual and photographic observations should be sent by post to the Section Director, while CCD images should be e-mailed to him. This website is maintained by R.A. Marriott, and a link to the BAA’s website is included below. (Text and images on this site are the copyright of their originators, and should not be reproduced without prior permission.) Good observing!







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