Write to your MP!

One of the most productive methods of campaigning against light pollution is to contact your MP. This is even more productive when an election is due! We recommend that you send your MP (or MP candidates) a short letter (short to save both you MP's and your time!) asking what they plan to do to tackle light pollution. If writing to an MP, ask what they have done so far.
Please encourage as many others to do likewise (i.e. members), to make light-pollution an vote-winning issue.

You can contact your local MP via either FaxYourMP.com, or via The Houses of Parliament website).

For your convenience, here is a example letter (please fill in the blanks and make changes as appropriate):

Dear Right Hon. X1, MP,

As an astronomer living in your constituency, one of my main concerns is the continuing deterioration of the view of the night sky by light-pollution - the term used to describe light wasted sky-wards, predominantly by street-lights. Even the Milky-way is now no longer visible from my home. Hence, light pollution has seriously degraded my quality of life. In X2, light pollution (i.e. the amount of wasted light) has increased by X3% between 1994 and 2000.

Light-pollution causes a variety of problems, not only for astronomers. It wastes vast amounts of money and electricity (two power stations worth in the UK), makes our streets unnecessarily dim (light is diverted away from the street into the sky), harms wildlife, unnecessarily damages the environment, and causes medical problems (more about these problems can be seen at the Commission for Dark Skies website at http://www.dark-skies.org/theproblems.html ).

My questions are: What have you done, and what do you plan to do, to tackle the problem of light pollution? Your answer will greatly influence my vote at the next election.

Yours sincerely,


If you do copy this letter, don't forget to replace the X's as follows:

Good luck!

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