29p 20161025 0809 jdrummond

I just got some astrometry of 29P tonight (2016 Oct 25.34 UT). It is ~12 SE of Mars. 29P is indeed in outburst! See below... There is a greater coma extension to the ~NW of the nucleus. Based on the small-angle-formula, a distance to 29P of 903,166,442 km and a radius of 12 I get an outer coma radius of 52,544km from the nucleus. Images attached. clip_image002 Where: D = linear size (Diameter) of an object a = angular size of object, in arcsec (") d = distance to the object 206,265 are the number of arc seconds in a complete circle (360/60/60) i.e. 360 / 2 p

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