29p 20161023 miles

Please find attached images of 29P showing the early development of the coma following 29P's latest outburst, discovered by Jean-François Soulier (A77) on October 21.74. Eric Watkins scheduled the images attached, which were taken at the Las Cumbres Observatory in South Africa. I processed them applying a linear stretch. Some 2.4 ± 0.2 days post-outburst the outer edge of the coma had grown to 9.0 ± 0.2 arcsec radius (189 m/s) directed in p.a. 310 deg. It has a hemispherical appearance with unusual extensions extending southwards each side of the hemispherical shell. This gives the coma the illusion of being rather spiral in shape. Here is some astrometry/photometry (r' mag in 5.5" radius aperture) of the two stacked images: COD K93 OBS R. Miles MEA R. Miles TEL 1.0-m f/8.0 Ritchey-Chretien + CCD ACK MPCReport file updated 2016.10.24 21:26:29 AC2 rmiles@baa.u-net.com NET UCAC-4 0029P C2016 10 23.75449 19 23 19.58 -24 19 00.9 14.14N K93 0029P C2016 10 23.83204 19 23 21.53 -24 18 52.0 14.17N K93 ----- end ----- The initial outburst appears have started on 2016 October 21.44 ± 0.24 and attained r'=13.7. The inner coma is now fading rapidly.

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