24p 20171119 jchambo

Object/Date: 24P/Schaumasse @ Nov.19,2017 05:16 UT Description: Comet 24P/Schaumasse photographed on November 11th 2017, only two days after perihelion when reached its maximum brightness in this apparition with a magnitude near 10. In this image the comet shows a greenish coma 5' diameter with a very short tail toward left. The field has at least two dozens galaxies belonging to Virgo Galactic Cluster, highlighting at upper left corner NGC 4365, a giant eliptic galaxy located to a distance of 60 million light-years. Tech data: GSO 8" 760mm. f/3.8 & Atik 383L+ (L:4120s Bin1 + RGB:1x60s Bin2) from Hoya Redonda, Valencia (Spain)

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