2014l3 20140610 kowalski

I did not expect to be finding another so soon. Attached is an image of COMET P/2014 L3 (HILL). This makes 27 and moves me into 3rd place after McNaught and Shoemaker. R. E. Hill reports his discovery of a comet on Catalina Sky Survey images obtained with the 0.68-m Schmidt telescope (discovery observations tabulated below), the comet having a well-condensed nucleus with small coma 4"-5" in diameter and a broad, diffuse tail 15"-20" long in p.a. about 220-230 deg as seen in four co-added 30-s images taken with seeing < 2"; four co-added follow-up images taken on June 10.4 UT show the coma 5"-7" across with a diffuse, broad tail about 15" long in p.a. about 230 deg. Four co-added 45-s follow-up images taken by R. A. Kowalski on June 10.4 with the Mount Lemmon 1.5-m reflector show a slightly diffuse coma 10" in diameter with a broad, diffuse tail extending at least 20" in p.a. 240 deg.

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