1994x1 20120530 ebryssinck

On the CCD-images obtained on May 30.4 2012 from H06 observatory iTelescope.net - New Mexico i found as well (together with Giovanni Sostero, Ernesto Guido and Nick Howes) a very weak object not far from where comet P/1994 X1 (McNaught-Russel) should be (about 27 arc. Sec. In Sout-West direction) The object has almost the same parallel orbit as comet P/1994 X1 - It was hard to find the target with a magnitude of about magnitude 20 background on the stacked images is about 21.1. Comet P/1994 X1 appears as a starlike object. Measurement on the image gives results below: all measurements performed relative to the specified position according to the latest orbital data of minor planet center. dRA = 27,3" W dDE = 10.5" S Dist: 29" P.A. 248.9

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